• 18th November 2013 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    Update Yahoo avatarIf you’ve checked your ID and the avatar that is shown is an older one, you can update your avatar. But first let’s see what is happening and why does this problem occur.

    For a couple of months now Yahoo is giving us a hard time with several limitations in everything that is their Yahoo Messenger client. These limitations have an effect on the avatars as well, which we cannot grab from Yahoo so easily anymore. We’ve found a solution, but that because it is fairly limited, and our traffic is significant, we have been forced to implement a system which saves the avatars for a longer period of time. Because there are some, who enter every other minutes, and others only once every couple of days or even after a couple of weeks, we had to find a compromise.

    There are only a few, who are changing their avatars frequently, so we prefer to save these avatars by updating them from Yahoo as rarely as possible. Even though, if you somehow check the site and see that you have an older avatar, you can update it any time by accessing the update avatar page.

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