• 26th September 2012 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    As the system had been working great for a few years we finally allowed ourselves to take a holiday for two weeks and, of course, right then bad things started to happen. A small and apparently insignificant error occurred but it managed to damage our ID Alert system. A few years ago we couldn’t imagine such an error and two weeks ago it actually happened. Unfortunately, we had no time during our trip to check our support and we noticed the issue only when returned home.

    What exactly happened? A counter reached its maximum possible value and that’s because DetectInvisible has so many ID Alert users and there was so many checks made. We appreciate our visitors very much and that’s why we want to offer our deepest apology for the inconveniences we’ve created.

    We are giving one month bonus for all our ID Alert clients (we’ve done yesterday) as a small sign that we are trying to solve this problem.

    We are humans too and we make mistakes that’s why we thank you for understanding that.

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