• 31st October 2012 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    Our online status indicator service that we offer on Detectinvisible.com is particularly useful for webmaster as it makes it easier to be contacted by the site’s potential clients.

    Normally all websites that are serious in their business and respect their clients as well as themselves have an online support through which a possible client and ask for more details about a product that he or she is interested in from someone from the website. This way the client will be pleased because he or she will get more information or details about a certain product or details that are spread across the page or site and thus it is harder to find.

    Our Yahoo online status indicator is quite useful as we offer you only a code that you post on your website and it will be working immediately. It will show an avatar or an image which will tell the visitors if the person from online support is available or not, or, if we put it this way: if someone’s online or offline.

    It’s capabilities doesn’t end here as it has a wide range of configurations and images that can represent the online or offline status, background colors and you can choose even the avatar’s dimensions.

    If you’d like to read more details we invite you to go to our dedicated page where you can find out everything about our online status indicator, and also test our service and capabilities.

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