• 31st October 2012 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    We believe that the Yahoo Backup YM service page explains everything about this service in detail, still we will give you a short description in this article.

    The idea of this service is simple. Yahoo has certain services that it offers you: e-mail service called Yahoo Mail, messenger service called Yahoo Messenger and also news service called Yahoo News. There are more, but we are interested here in only the first two, which are also connected in between them as recently you have the possibility to use the instant messenger service via your Yahoo Mail.  In your Yahoo Messenger you have a buddy list which, like everybody else, you’ve widened over time. These contacts are present in your e-mail as well. Since Yahoo Messenger doesn’t specifically offer you a possibility to create a back-up of these contacts of yours, we at detectinvisible.com came up with a simple and specific solution to this problem called Yahoo Backup YM. There are possibilities to create back-up for your contacts but these are quite complicated methods, and you might even need to install a third program in order help you with the management of these e-mail addresses (for example Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.). Once again we want to underline the fact that our service that we offer is useful especially because it will create a back-up for the messenger buddy list and the e-mail contact list with only one click of the mouse. All you have to do is enter your user and password and with one click you have the back-up, but you can also recover your contacts.

    We really recommend our Yahoo back-up service for everyone.

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