• 31st October 2011 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    In our previous article we were talking about hack Yahoo ID services and the threat they are posing for the internet users. Because we know that these threats exist and we take it seriously, we are trying to do our best in order to help you. Unfortunately all we can do is to share our experience about how can you protect your information and data against people with bad intentions, and to offer you a possibility to create a Backup YM ID list.

    Yahoo ID's Backup serviceSince we know that there are lots of Yahoo users with huge contact lists, we also know that it would be a terrible loss if such a user would lose the account. For this reason we are offering you a Backup (YM) Yahoo ID service, which will create and save a backup of your yahoo contact list and keep it safe from danger.

    It is very easy to create such a backup, as all you have to do is to access the Backup (YM) Yahoo IDs page and follow the instructions. After you have entered the necessary information your Yahoo Buddy list will be exported and saved as a backup. You will be able to access this backup at any time, whenever you want. In case your account will be lost, you will be able to simply import the backed up Yahoo Buddy list into your new account with your old password that you have used for the exportation of your contact.

    If you encounter any backup issue please first try to login both into Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger with the ID you want backup. If you succeed please try again our Yahoo Backup ID service for a few times. Please send a fully specified feedback on our contact page if the error still persist.

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    • ali on June 1, 2012

      how to check the id’s of the avatar persons?i used to see it earlier by putting the cursor on their avatars but lately it doesn’t work,i can’t see the ids..why and plz help me…

      • Detector Invisible Yahoo on June 2, 2012

        That feature was removed because it could sometime hurt the owner of the avatar.
        We’ll put some other feature soon.

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