• 19th October 2011 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    browsersWe have received messages stating that our invisible detector website isn’t working and that when an ID is introduced and checked nothing happens. These situations might be described blurry in the messages, but we believe, that during this, the browser does a refresh therefore there is no result. This kind of problem is most frequently caused by the browser, not by the detector invisible. There are some things you can do before writing to us.

    “Where is the my buddy list, with the ID’s I’m frequently checking” is another question that is asked a lot of times, and which refers to deleting ID’s from your buddy list, which can be achieved by deleting cookies from your browser.

    Our recommendations are the following:

    • First of all, we strongly recommend to try to open the website from another browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and so on).
    • Refreshing the page by simply pressing CTRL+F5 could help, as it ignores cache.
    • Secondly, you can try to delete the cookies and cache from your browser and even restart the browser. Sometimes a whole system restart can solve this issue. Also, we strongly suggest to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser as our website is verified for these browsers.

    If neither of the above worked, than it’s starting to be more likely that our website has an issue, and we recommend sending us a message, explaining the issue in detail, on our contact page.

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