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    We have received a lot of messages via our support page asking about an Invisible Gtalk Detector which is not a surprise as Google Mail became as popular as Yahoo Mail therefore Gtalk is used as frequently as Yahoo Messenger as well. From this we can conclude that there are at least as many people in need of an invisible Gtalk Detector as they are in need of a yahoo invisible detector.

    Invisible Gtalk DetectorWell, for those who are using Big G.’s services we have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news, which is that currently there is no available invisible Gtalk detector service anywhere on the web. The good news is that even so users can check with a trick whether a user is invisible or offline with a little trick and by exploiting a bug in the system.

    In order to detect invisible Gtalk users you have to do the same thing as you do in case of invisible Skype users. Actually it is absurdly simple: you send a message. If someone is “Off the record” (which means invisible) than you won’t see anything, but if someone is really offline than you will get a feedback message stating “>Contact name< didn’t receive your message”. Like I said, it is very easy to see the real Gtalk status of a person, but in order to do that there are some things you must do and which can be a drawback. The first is that you have to be logged into either your Gtalk client or into your Google Mail (yourname@gmail.com) in your browser. The second is that you have had to chat with the person before and finally, like stated above, you have to send a message. Because of this invisile Gtalk detecting doesn’t exist, only visible scanning.

    If you’re curious about other messengers, you can read more about Invisible Skype Detectors and MSN Block detectors as well.

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