• 31st October 2011 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    No! Most definitely not!

    To elaborate a little bit, we must express our surprise that we read e-mails from visitors, asking for solutions to hack Yahoo IDs. After reading the e-mails, we felt that it is necessary to clear some issues out, mainly that we don’t offer solutions, tips or any kind of service that can hack Yahoo IDs. In fact we are trying hard to focus on our users’ safety even though there isn’t much we can do.

    Yahoo ID hackedWhat we can do though, is to make sure our visitors know that they can take precautions in order to protect personal information and data. We all know that the internet is a perfect place for people with ill intentions to conduct their scams and such activities, but there are ways of protection. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do besides sharing information, raising users’ awareness.

    One thing we could do though, and we did too. We have created a service for our users with which they can backup their Yahoo contacts and keep their buddy list safe. In case if someone will use a hack yahoo ID service and steal your account, you will not lose everything as you’re contacts are safe and sound. Unfortunately we can’t do anything to directly protect your account. Also we do not have any yahoo account recovery services, because Yahoo already offers one. If you have lost your Yahoo account, you can try to recover it with the help of Yahoo’s recovery services.

    If you want to know how to create a Backup YM ID for your contacts or if you want to know more about how can you protect your information, you can read the dedicated articles.

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