• 27th October 2011 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    AffiliatesHave you been searching for a php script code for a yahoo invisible detector?

    We now wish to share with everyone who is interested in such an invisible detector that we have a free affiliate program.

    But what exactly does this mean?

    Those who have an interest can access our affiliate program’s page after they have successfully registered and logged in to their account. After doing so, they shall find all the information they need in order to install the Yahoo detector code on their website. Basically it is a simple iframe code, which anyone can add to their HTML code on their website. We assume responsibility for the rest. We are offering free affiliation but in return we do ask a small favor, which is a link which has to be inserted on the same page on your site where the invisible detector is. All these information can be found in your account as well, if you have registered for our affiliate program.

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