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    Maybe we shall post in the future an article regarding the history of our yahoo invisible detector because it really has funny and tiresome parts, but right now we would like to give you the possibility of reading a short introductory article of how do yahoo invisible detectors work.

    The basic idea of tHow detectors workhe detectors is in fact relatively simple and it shall be describe later on. The website where the users go in order to enter the ID they desire to check is on a server, and when he entered the ID in the textbox and pressed enter, the ID is then taken by robots that are responsible for the whole detection process. After the robots take the ID they will send specific vulnerability packages towards Yahoo. Yahoo servers will respond, and their response will be interpreted by the robots, which is the key moment of the whole detection process. After this interpretation the robots will know the yahoo status of the ID that has been checked and the information is sent back to the website, where it will be shown to the user who initiated the query. The whole detection process is therefore a change of information/packages in between two messenger IDs, which are the robot’s and the ID that has been entered to be verified on the website.

    Now it is obvious that the process is a lot more complicated then the above description that had to be simplified, still one more thing has to be mentioned. That is the vast amount of protection systems and validations that needs to be realized perfectly in the background of pages available for the users to see. The main part though is the process we have described earlier. Our work is done by the robots not by the ID of the person who want to detect another ID, that’s why anyone can detect another ID even if he is sure or just think he’s on ignore list aka block list

    Regarding the robots it is worth to mention one important aspect, which is in close relation with the bad results that the detectors may display on rare occasions. The robots have to connect to a Yahoo server, and there are several servers some being different than the others. This difference is mainly caused by the applications that are installed on them and the protocols that they use. To describe it simply there are yahoo servers that do not have the vulnerabilities that the detectors are using, therefore during the changes of packages/information that was mentioned above, some servers simply don’t give back the answer that the robots are expecting. Obviously this can lead to a bad result. The good news is that there are very few of these servers that lead us to the simple conclusion, that while other detectors have a far bigger percentage of giving back bar results to users, we can proudly state that Detect Invisible has 100% efficiency.

    Last but not least a very important thing to specify is that thanks to the processes than are running in the background the person who is verified will never know about the verification and the person who initiated the verification will also stay anonymous.

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