• 26th September 2011 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    We have once received a message through our support, saying that someone has contacted a friend of his, after our detector displayed his friend’s yahoo status as invisible, but he wasn’t answering. After calling him, he found out that his buddy didn’t even have his PC turned on, therefore our detect invisible displayed a wrong yahoo status.

    On rare occasions it happens that our detector displays the offline status instead of invisible, but the other way around…

    These situations are very rare and can have multiple causes. These aspects are explained in the dedicated articles, which explain the way how detect invisible works, and the reasons why sometimes our detect invisible can display a wrong yahoo status.

  • 2 Comments to “How Can Someone Have Invisible Status While Not Logged In”

    • jill on January 30, 2013

      Does this site only work for people you have on your Yahoo Messenger contact list or can you look up anyone? Also, if someone deletes you from their contact list will you be able to accurately still see if they are on line?

      • Detector Invisible Yahoo on January 31, 2013

        It’s working even if you don’t have someone in your list.

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