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    Invisible Skype UsersWe have been asked frequently in the past whether they can detect invisible Skype users on our website, like they can do that with our Yahoo detector, Hi5 and also Facebook detector. Unfortunately even though we have looked into the matter, and we have done some research, we found that there is no existing detector/scanner/checker of this kind. There is good news though, and that is that there are tips and tricks with which you can check if someone is invisible on Skype.

    Our Yahoo detector is working very quietly, and no one can know if they had been checked out if they are invisible or not. This isn’t the case with Skype, unfortunately. The most common and obvious method is consists in sending a message to the user who you want to check. If on the right of a message there is a small circle that is going round and round like it wants to load something, than the user is not logged in to Skype. If that circle disappears after 3-5 seconds, than that means that the users you are checking out is logged in, but invisible on Skype.

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    • yousef on January 22, 2012

      I need to know my skype friends statuses.

      • Detector Invisible Yahoo on January 25, 2012

        Please read the article and find out how to find your friends statuses

    • cyber.drunk on March 11, 2012

      yeah, there is this icon that looked like it’s downloading something, it’ll go circling on and on… but ONLY IF the contact had not READ your message… !!your message will appear as an orange dot next to your name on your contact’s contact list… BUT if your contact REFUSES to read your message, even if they had been online on and off, AS LONG AS they don’t open your message, that circling icon will go on and on onto ypur skype window AS IF they had not been logged on for a long time… hope this helps….

      • Helloman892 on November 17, 2012

        This is an incorrect reply. The user does not have to read the message, only receive it.

      • Astheart on January 12, 2013

        I think it’s wrong. The read dot appears not to the sender but to the receiver! If you are blocked on Skype, the message cannot be sent, so you know immediately. If the user is off line, your message goes through but on the right site of the line there will be a small revolving arrow. When the user is on line but invisible, that small revolving arrow either doesn’t appear, or disappears in several seconds (depends on the speed of your Internet connection). So, if your message is in the chat window and you can see no revolving arrow, be sure that the user is on line.

    • buy content on March 11, 2012

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    • Alicia on April 28, 2012

      What about when you’re logged into Skype on iPhone? I’ve sent IMs to one contact on Skype on my iPhone and the IM makes the sent sound. When you IM someone on Skype through the iPhone app you won’t see a spinning circle next to your message if it wasn’t delivered/read yet. After logging into Skype from my laptop though, I see that all my messages to this contact have the black spinning circles next to them. And those were all my messages I sent since the end of March of this year. So none of them have actually been delivered. I thought it might be a Skype server syncing problem cuz even the messages I sent from my phone from late March all had the black spinning circles next to them. I can still see when this contact comes and goes online and all of the profile info, profile pic, and total contact count. So I’m still on their contact list.

      The other day, however, I logged into Skype on my laptop and I saw that all my messages to this contact from late March of this year now have an orange circle next to them. Why are my messages not getting delivered? I haven’t been deleted from their contact list cuz I can see their total contact count. I don’t think I’m blocked cuz I can see when this contact comes online (if I was blocked I’d never see the contact come online at all; they’d just always appe appear offline to me).

      I don’t seem to be having this problem with any of my other contacts. IMs I send from Skype on my phone and from Skype on my laptop all get delivered.

      Any ideas about what might be going on here?

    • skypeissues on May 16, 2012

      I am having the exact same issue. Literally the same issue. Im not sure if im blocked either.

      i have done every possible suggestion that can be found online. nothing works. skype forums are a joke….all it is, is people having issues and not one single skype support person helping.

    • sami on June 20, 2012

      verey good

    • knox0202 on July 8, 2012

      there is one way if the person is invisible and you call them if you don’t get a dial tone then they are not online if they are invisible it will not make any sound

      • knox0202 on July 8, 2012

        sorry i mean if they are invisible it will make regular dialing tone if they aren’t then you will not hear anything

    • ch imran on July 27, 2012

      i wana to how we detect k skaype id like that yahoo id

    • tbtaylor222 on August 14, 2012


    • tbtaylor222 on August 14, 2012

      Sorry about the last face it kinda went spazzy x)

    • Astheart on October 21, 2012

      @cyber.drunk : I don´t think you´re right. I agree with the admin as i have the same experience.

    • Astheart on October 21, 2012

      @Alicia : That question should be oriented to SKYPE. Yes, it happens to me as well that some messages are not delivered for some weird reason.

    • Astheart on October 21, 2012

      @tbtaylor222 : Well, if somebody tells you he must go and goes just invisible, it means he doesn´t want to talk to you anymore. You cannot do anything with it. Just accept it. No detector helps you.

    • loli on December 15, 2012


    • sassy on December 19, 2012

      if u r blocked … can u still find out wen the person is coming online??? n How can i do tat?

    • Astheart on January 12, 2013

      Of course, the detector works without any need for you to be on line. You can use it on any computer. Just find the site detectinvisible.com. Put the yahoo name into; click Check and wait for the result. It’s not connected to your account in any way, so you can be off line or blocked, and you still will know.

    • whyaname on January 17, 2013

      I have found a better way to know if the person is invisible, without writing to him.

      You can notice, that when you open a chat window with a contact, there is his local time near his name.

      What to do? Go to the appdata/roaming/skype folder of your computer. There you will find a folder named by your login. Delete this folder (skype must by closed during this process).

      When you will open skype, you will have to put your login and your passsword. Open a chat window to the person you want to check invisible, as soon as this person will login on skype on invisible mode, its local time will appear.

      I have discovered that bug my myself. Do not hesitate to post more comments for more explanations.

      • maxim on January 26, 2013

        how to be invisible on skype and my contacts not to see that?

      • cherrie on September 20, 2013

        where can i find the appdata/roaming/skype folder in my computer?.. Thank u

      • whynotaname on December 17, 2013

        @whyaname: You are a genius, it words this way! Thank you a alot! 😉

        • whynotaname on December 17, 2013

          I meant: it works* this way. 🙂

          • whyaname on February 18, 2014

            @whynotaname: Thanks 😉

    • Astheart on January 18, 2013

      @whyaname : Well, it may work, but I haven’t checked it. I haven’t checked it for a simple reason; it seems to me to be inconvenient a little bit as it means you should delete a file of your appdata folder each time the person goes off to be able to check it again.

    • billybob on June 28, 2013

      you will know if your messages were sent if you hear back from them 😉

    • doesitmatter on September 7, 2013

      Why go through all of this just to see if someone is online??? Call them??? If they are hiding, its for a reason.

    • whyaname on October 26, 2013

      How to find the appdata/etc… directory?
      1-Open windows file explorator
      2- Go to the desktop folder
      3- You will find a directory, with the name you gave to your computer or user

      Then there, you should find the appdata directory.

      Since skype passed to Microsoft, I don’t know if it still works… Advantage of this method, is that you do not have to writte to the target person. Have not checked since january 2013…

      Oh, what’s more? if you use TCPVIEW software, and person is not behind firewall/router stuff, skype will connect directly to his computer… Thus, you can check if your husband is at home 😉

    • Curious on November 11, 2013

      Hey guys,
      Apart from this obvious way to check if someone is invisible or offline (in the above article), does anyone know a trick that we find out whether the person is invisible or offline without sending her/him a message? That’d be a real trick!

    • shahriar on May 21, 2014

      its great

    • whoami on August 6, 2014

      emptying a folder is pretty easy, just create a shortcut to the folder on your desktop and anytime you want to check – click the shortcut and purge the content.

      TCPVIEW – who isn’t behind a router and/or firewall these days?!?! o.O

    • Anu on November 4, 2014

      the trick given by whyaname on January 17, 2013 works perfectly.. thanks
      But no trick works to detect invisibility in case of yahoo.
      I will be grateful, is somebody can disclose it.

    • elahe on January 7, 2016

      how can I find some one is busy(is an another call) or not ?

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