• 9th September 2011 - By Detector Invisible Yahoo

    Detectinvisible buddy listThis is about those IDs which appear in the buddy list, located in the right, which represent the IDs you have already checked with our yahoo invisible detector. Each and every time you scan a buddy’s ID, it is stored in a list, which you can access later on, with a lot of ease. This was created in order to make you more comfortable, so that you won’t have to enter the ID each and every time you want to check on a buddy’s yahoo status. The list is ordered after the number of times you checked the ID, therefore those IDs which you most frequently check will be located in the top.

    The “Buddy List” can be emptied in two ways.

    First off, there is an X, next to each ID. If you click on that X, the Id will be deleted from the list. This way you delete only one ID at a time, so if you want to clear your whole list, you have to do this to every ID. The other solution is to empty the list at once by deleting the cookies from your browser.

    This can be done in any browser, like this:

    In case of these IDs will suddenly disappear, please check if you have deleted your cookies earlier, otherwise you might send us a message that we have an issue with our detector when it’s in fact a browser problem.

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    • grace on October 26, 2011

      ive been using your site for almost 2 weeks, and ive entered my yahoo id’s friends. it so happen that my yahoo id … has been compromised, prior to that too i uninstall my google crome and cleared all the browse website including this site where i can find my friends id, i cant access to my account now and so i created a new account almost same as the one that has been hacked. i need my friends list that i entered in your site, is there a chance that you can provide me with my old lists? i really need them i hope you can help me. thank you!

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